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J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen


This week we feature one of Kenya’s iconic traditional fusion ensembles Kenge Kenge Orutu System. Check out their profile below.

KENGE KENGE ORUTU SYSTEM was formed 1996 and symbolise all that is great about African traditional music. They are the guardians and masters of an ancient but living tradition- Breathing new life into Kenya’s Luo musical roots, continuing its evolution from the hand made instruments of the past.

Kenge Kenge lyrical arrangement reflects lots of Influence from popular acoustic origins of Benga musical style and embrace their Luo heritage. The group thorough mastery of the traditional Luo orutu fiddle and Nyatiti lyre has spearheaded a new way and approach to how these aged old instruments are played much to the appreciation of contemporary audiences.

Characterized by often racy and compact instrumentation, Kenge Kenge ‘s music infectiously invites one to the dance floor.
The word Kenge Kenge roughly translate as “ a medley fusion of small exhilarating ecstatic instruments”




  • J’s Fresh Kitchen accepts reservations so please make a reservation for a table should you know you will be coming for dinner.
  • The number for reservations is 0707612585.
  • J’s Westlands is a 23 years and older venue.
  • The show starts promptly at 8pm so tables are held till 8pm after which they are opened to other customers.


We want to thank Tuborg for being Thursday Nite Live’s partner.



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J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen

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