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Fadhilee Itulya is a passionate Kenyan Afro Soul artist, cultural activist & Singer songwriter

His music is a fusion of the Afro beat and traditional Kenyan sounds with modern music styles like contemporary Jazz, soul, folk, house , pop etc. His message mainly focuses daily life experiences, fun, patriotism, Godliness, peaceful coexistence, love n suchlike virtues among other factors relevant to today’s age and time.

His set is very unique, he plays the acoustic guitar, the Adeudeu , a traditional Kenyan bow Harp accompanied by a bassist and a djembe fola (percussionist). Occassionally he is accompanied by a full band including a drummer, and an all female backup team of 3 in festivals and big audience shows.

He has performed throughout East Africa and in Scandinavia.


  1. Sherekea
  2. A F I R I K A 



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